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Drama Editor Presents is Produced by Lamar:Howell aka Mr.Flresh @Dramaediter the God Who has been apart of Shows like the Dabomb Video Show L.I.P Vaugh Hightower Bigg Vee he has produce Video Shows Featuring some of Harlem DJ legends like Star Child and Double J Kid Nu He produced Straight Stuntin Tv with DJ Kay Slay Who was also Apart of the Dabomb he also had Show like LOP TV WHO YA WIT Big girl Style and Big Girlz Gone wild … Now its all Wrapped up in Drama Editor Presents he is the Alchemist the Harlem Masun you will get Old and New and Uncut at 3am!! Love to MNN Time Warner Spectrum fios .. You can see the Show in Manhattan at 3am on ch.56 Fios Ch.34 RCN Ch.83
you can Email the Show at dramaediter@gmail.com

Watch a Full Episode Just Press Play 59 sec black Screen before show starts