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I have been living in Harlem for about 11 years Now when i 1st moved it was Untapped but i did see a change i lived in a 4th Walk up in the Bainbridge area in the Bronx with Huge rooms and space. I moved to Harlem to a much Smaller Bachelor Pad because of transportation. I was near all stores and late night shopping a touch of Old Harlem and community.

Growing up Harlem was a place of Black owned business still is by a low percentage now.You do have alot of LLC owners like me taking a chance to make money but does the community buy from us??????? I have seen Youth melanin rich making Arab and Chinese(Mandarian) store owners rich products is food down to female hair care and Nails “real talk”.

In yet we do not buy from our own as much the most i have seen is the sales of clothing at good prices on 125th street, Where i have bought alot from people having vending tables from the help of the 5 percent Gods and Goddess School on 126th. They are the ones that help the community ,they recently got a street named after them and i love that.

I created my own Organization called Kemet Dragons of Wall Street where i give Tips on Real Estate and how to make money and i offer opportunity to people wanting to get in entertainment independent, But i still have my own contract. I have to protect myself as a Sovereign with trustees and LLC flow no taxes and International business. I make money every day Pennies to dollars .

The More People Surf my business or Watch my movies or Buy i get the income that i can build with. I seek others that can help me so i can achieve the goals like others. L.I.P. (Live in Peace) Nipsey Hussle taking your dreams and taking action is what he did thats a True HERU and i say Heru cause most Princes of Kemet aka Egypt that became Kings had that name.

There is no Jesus the Tamawhos the People of the Caves Yacub Children stole our Knowledge from Kemet Jesus was created from the Heru story.The Heru story aka horus story lives in all Sun Deighty made up gods all religions is fraud. This Masun Comes with truth im beyond the 33 masons that play a Horrible chess game in Nature to do in Amen RA’s Children the Gods and Goddesses.

We are the Alchemist the creators of alot. The greatest Scientist that came to AMARAKA (america) looked to Kemet. AMARAKA aka America the land of the Serpents. Which belongs to the Meru the Copper colored people Moors smiles we was not to be enslaved. The Great OLMEC was here and designed Beauty all over this land Pyramaids and meeting places of Ancestors.

Positive Energy flow the greatness is in our DNA and in time it will be unlocked. Much as Yacubs children who hate us who was our brother he created them from Albinos,Wolve and Gorilla DNA. Who do not have our gift of getting from AMEN RA the SUN thats what this Ugly Race War is about their Species is Greedy and dying.We can help them but it would be a end to their beast side lmao im a say it like that.

Our Woman Age so beautiful and they wrinkle up they Kill black gods out their Temple because we are the Originals even mixed in with their DNA we still have them Black Melanin Tekens and 9 either hair. When we are not in environments that have not become trap houses like jails or the Projects or the Religion Division. When we are at Peace with Time we Create greatness new ideas for them to steal.

They took our Greatest Asset from us the Black Woman,The Melanin Original Goddess they was here before all of Us Men or im a say Woman evolved. That penis is nothing but a Clit. The Original Creators was (A) Sexual the Tamawho know it. They have found Melanin Woman millions of years old. That alone kills them Bible lies and all the fake sun gods.

Me as a Masun a Creator Alchemist ,I tell the Melanin goddess who she is. But i do not let them for Shadow the ways of the trap house made by the Federal the ELite in 1970’s to Separate the Powerful so Called Black Family. Mono life was presented to them. We was Tribal Polly we had a Economic way of life.You can even read down in history of Kings and Queens with more than one mate.

Tell that to a programmed black woman or black male and they will get mad. Christianity has killed their home. They are jealous of each other they keep each other back.They make it so the federal can do business on them on the regular. They do not read true LAW natural law.They are put under pressure and Fear (Duress) by the evil system that made them Entities and 3/5 of a person in Law look up Dread Scott Vs Sanford.

I was lucky to find out the Richness of having blood of the People of this land of AMARAKA or im a say Tribal blood. But i had to take a Measure used overseas their is Sovereigns over there that has the same power as the Crown.But many get caught in traps on that journey to being Free Free. Owning your time is the best thing richness.

Not being under the frauds of the United States Federal business . Alot of people is Stock on the Market and have no Idea . They say dollar no those are Notes and they are not Gold Standard. JFK tried to change it back to gold and got Popped in the head in from of his wife and the world and so has many leaders from other countries that tried to go back to gold.These evil elites are actting like Drug Dealers ,then again the Witch craft of Big Pharma is big business every day.Melanin natural doctors with cures got killed.

Doctors the bad ones get you to kill you. They will try to give you medications that wil mess up Melanin people bodies. Chemo radiation is not for the Children of the Sun. We get Vitamin D from Amen RA you are not to be drinking milk from another species with Sulfur and Amino Acid messing your bones up. You are not to be drinking Water with Floride messing up your Pineal Gland messing up your natural melanin Production.

You mess that up its a End game for you in this realm. Also they put soy in many Foods rising Estrogen Levels of Men to make them female like making them not mate and the Melanin woman gets Problems in her Uterus resulting in man mad cancers and then they remove her organs. So ask yourself how many kill themselves not making the right choices???? Its like the Red Pill and the Blue Pill you have a choice.

They have to give you a Choice or its KARMA read them patient rights. You have the power to leave but you dont. You have the right to tell the doctor you want to go natural.You have the right to say no to them Mercury shots they are giving them Melanin Children that is making them have brain issues. They are Getting us to do each other in. How many melanin woman have abortions in the 4th month and these beast use the parts for Products they give to you.

Making you a Cannibal which gives you a bad mental wild behavior. What you eat does effect your behavior think about that one.And think about how many Black and Indigenous woman are taken and sold or killed for their organs and sold on the dark web.Im a leave off this story and say BUILD,CREATE,PROTECT.

You can find me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/kemetbuilder
if you want to help with Donation to help me buy real estate in harlem the Paypal is realdramaeditor@gmail.com to unite and actually build is Greatness. NATION “TRUTH RULES” NATURE RULES” ASE MAY THE ANCESTORS HELP YOU CALL TO THEM.

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